Medway Test

The registration period for the Medway Test has now closed and familiarisation booklets will be issued to each of the children who are registered to take the test in September 2017. The familiarisation booklet is designed to help your children get used to the layout, format and style of the Medway Test. It is not a mock test or practice paper.

Medway Test Familiarisation Booklets

Delivery of the Familiarisation Booklets

For children who have registered for the Medway Test and who attend a school in Medway a copy of the familiarisation booklet will be sent to the relevant school for each child. The booklets will be ready to be given to the children by 12 July by their school.

Please read the note at the end of this page regarding when your child returns to school in September.

For children who attend schools outside the Medway area, the familiarisation booklets will be posted directly to the parent/carer for each child.

Using the Familiarisation Booklet

We have asked all Medway primary and junior schools to ensure that they go through the familiarisation booklet with their pupils who are registered to sit the Medway Test at the beginning of Year 6 in September 2017.

We would encourage all parents/carers to take time to go through the familiarisation booklet with their child/ren to ensure that they understand what to expect from the Medway Test.

This year the provider for the Verbal Reasoning and Mathematics Tests is the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM), University of Durham. Information for parents on CEM selection assessments can be found via the following link:

For the papers provided by CEM (Verbal Reasoning and Mathematics):

  • Each paper will be about an hour long and will include several individually timed sections.
  • Each section will begin with examples describing how to answer that section. Within each section pupils can refer back to the examples as often as they wish to.
  • Pupils will be advised of the time available for each section before the section starts.

This format of the Verbal Reasoning and Mathematics Tests has the benefit of ensuring:

  • Children don’t spend too long on those areas that they find difficult but use their time proportionately across the test.
  • Children only need to concentrate for short periods of time.

Returning to School in September

We have asked schools in Medway to go through the familiarisation booklet with their pupils who have registered for the test. If you are a parent/carer of a child(ren) in a Medway school please ensure that they take the familiarisation booklet back to school on the first day of term to allow the school to go through it with them. There will be no spare copies of these booklets available to schools at that time, so your child must take their booklet back into school