If you foster with Medway you could receive up to £31,604 a year and get other fostering allowances and benefits.

Key information, fees and allowances

At Medway, we put children first whilst also offering a competitive reward package. If you foster with Medway you could receive up to £31,600 a year and any necessary extra resources. 

Fees and allowances

  • Receive up to £31,600 a year
  • Receive two weeks payment a year for loyalty and commitment
  • Opportunity to increase your allowance through training and related bonuses
  • Fee membership to fostering body

As a foster carer with Medway, you'll get the following financial support

  • A weekly fee for each child in your care
  • An allowance towards a birthday gift/event for each child in your care
  • An allowance towards festive celebrations like Christmas for each child in your care
  • An allowance towards holidays for each child in your care
  • Extra tax benefits on money earned from fostering
  • Mileage for essential travel for the needs of the child
  • £500 if you recommend friends/family and they become foster carers

Other benefits include

  • Social events for foster carers
  • A chance to gain qualifications like the NVQ level 3
  • Travel expenses to attend training courses paid
  • Membership of Fostering Talk for support, guidance and discounts
  • Access to 24 hour support if needed

Allowances available to foster carers

We provide weekly payments based on the age of the child to go towards the cost of caring, such as bills, food, clothes, travel and pocket money.

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Our aims and commitments

We aim to provide first-rate foster care for children and young people. Our relationships with our foster carers and the commitments we make to each other helps us meet our aims and get the best outcome for the children.

For more information on our goals and commitments:

Useful resources

  • Young Lives Foundation - an independent children's charity dedicated to delivering quality services tailored to ensure they achieve effective outcomes in the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people
  • The Children in Care Council - find out about recent updates and YFL events
  • Foster Talk - an independent, non-profit organisation providing professional support services to foster carers across the UK

Watch the Stigma Film below to hear the views of young people in care and how they are seen by others.

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