Medway in flames

Saturday 17 June 2017 from 2pm at the water basins at St Mary’s island, the Ship & Trades, the Outlet Centre, Chatham Historic Dockyard and Upnor Reach.

Celebrating 350 years of friendship and co-operation between our two nations since the conclusion of the Anglo-Dutch wars, Medway in Flames will be a sensational finale to our festival of cultural, sporting and educational events. This is a major public event - with Upnor Castle as the backdrop - depicting the Dutch Raid on the River Medway and Chatham Dockyard.

This event is one that shouldn't be missed, with activities ranging from live music, to water activities to fireworks displays - so there truly is something for everyone to enjoy.

Water activities

Take the opportunity to take part in water activities including: dinghy rides, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, bell boating and stand up paddle boarding. All of these activities are being offered free of charge from the Arethusa Venture Centre and Medway Watersports Trust (bring a towel if you can).

3.15pm - Splash Dog water display

4.00pm - Water activities

5.30pm - River activities

Sail Past outbound from Chatham Ness to Upnor

6.30pm - Fly boarding / jet ski demonstration

7.00pm - GPS tug display

7.30pm - Display by Royal Engineers Boat Operations Troop

8.00pm - Fly boarding / jet ski demonstration

8.30pm - Display by Royal Engineers Boat Operations Troop

9.00pm - Fly boarding / jet ski demonstration

NOTE: Water activities timings are subject to change due to weather, tides or operational issues. These events will take place in Basin 2 of St Mary's Island.



There will also be something for the thrill seekers with a family-friendly funfair open from the 15 to 17 June 2017.

The fair will be open from 5pm to 9pm on Thursday 15 June and Friday 16 June and will be open from 2pm to 11pm on Saturday 17 June.

The funfair rides will cost just £1 per ride on the 15 and 16 June 2017 and will return to normal prices on the 17 June from 2 to 11pm.


Music programme

Battle of the Medway – folk stage ( near ship & trades)

Mc Bob Kenward

The folk bands all have connections with the river Medway. Some have worked and lived on the Medway and others have written songs concerning the river Medway. The Dutch band Scheepsfolk ('ships folk') have written and recorded an album about the Dutch invasion of the Medway in 1667.

2.00 to 3.00pm                  The Lowly Strung

3.00 to 3.45pm                  Skinners Rats

3.45 to 4.30pm                  Scheepsfolk

4.30 to 5.30pm                  Skinners Rats

5.30 to 6.15pm                  Bob Kenward

6.30 to 7.15pm                  Scheepsfolk

7.30 to 8.30pm                  Ian Petrie Band

8.45 to 9.30pm                  Scheepsfolk

10.25 to 11.10pm               Ian Petrie Band


Battle Of The Medway – blues/rock stage (by Odeon cinema)

Mc Griff Rising

This is a cross section of bands featuring swing, skiffle, blues, rock and reggae from groups that play festivals and stages and are good at interacting with crowds.

2.00 to 3.000pm                Goosebumps

3.30 to 4.45pm                  Miles Cookman Band

5.15 to 6.00pm                  Lonnie Donegan Jnr And His Band

6.30 to 7.45pm                  The Catfish Blues Band

8.15pm to 9.30pm              Beggars Belief

10.25 to 11.10pm               Cold Harbour


Battle of the Medway – bandstand area – (basin 2 area)

Mc Vicky Price

An 'easy listening' type stage more suitable for a bandstand entertainment.

2.00 to 2.45pm                  Medway Band

2.45 to 3.15pm                  We Can Sing UK

3.15 to 3.45pm                  Medway Band

3.45 to 4.15pm                  Big Sing

4.15 to 5.15pm                  The Native Oysters Band


Medway in Flames finale

The evening finale will include water screens, digital projection, characters from history, pyrotechnics, special effects and fireworks that will bring the Battle of Medway to life.

Getting to the events

The Battle of Medway is expected to attract thousands of visitors from the UK and from abroad. For this reason we recommend that you make travel arrangements using our public transport services on offer. Find out how to get to the events, the transport services on offer and parking restrictions during the Battle of Medway festival.

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