Fair banding test

If you're considering naming Brompton Academy, Strood Academy or The Victory Academy on your school application, you must register your child to sit the fair banding test. This includes children with a Special Educational Needs (SEN) statement or Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

Each school has its own fair banding test so you'll need to register your child with each school if you're considering applying for them. Registration forms will be available on the school websites.

Medway Council is not involved in fair banding tests. Please contact the schools directly for more information.

Test dates

The Fair Banding Test will take place during September 2019 and October 2019.

Please check the relevant academy's page in this guide or their website for specific dates. You can contact the academy for further information.

It's not a pass or fail test

Your child can't pass or fail the test. It's there to assess a child’s level of ability and is used to help the school make sure they give school places to children of all abilities.

It’s also not the same as the Medway Test, which assesses if a child is grammar.

Places are allocated from each band

After the test children are put into bands based on their level of ability.

The Academy will have five bands to make sure there's a spread of ability across the school and these are based on the national ability range decided by the National Foundation for Educational Research

The Academy will use it's oversubscription criteria to allocate school places from each of the five bands.

If places become vacant in some bands, for example, because parents accept offers of places at other schools, and no applicants in those bands remain without a place, they will be evenly filled by children falling into the next nearest bands.

If your child does not take the test

If your child has not taken the fair banding test, it may decrease their chance of being offered a place at a banded school. Children who have not taken the fair banding test can only be considered for a place after all children who have taken the test.

If your child has been offered a place without taking the test, they will still need to take the test before starting the academy to make sure they're placed in the correct teaching band.